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The picture is of a horse, obviously. More specifically it is a picture of the horse’s face and expression. Your eye can see the entire scene when your there, but you really want bring home an interesting photo that shows what your were really looking at. Just zoom in and fill the frame edge to edge with only what your taking a photo of and you will see an instant improvement in your images.

The automatic camera setting, use PORTRAIT setting since this animal wasn’t moving fast and you most likely would want the background out of focus.

For the people who are shooting in MANUAL set your f-stop (apeture) to 8 – 10 and your shutter at 80 or better if your shooting hand held (no tri-pod).

SHUTTER TIP: when shooting hand held you have to pay attention to your focal length (mm). Use a shutter speed that is slightly higher than your focal length. example ( 80mm use 100 shutter, 135mm use 160 shutter, 300mm use 320 shutter )


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