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When you have low light conditions, like indoor photography, you want to use a slow shutter to let more light in the camera. Using a tripod will hold your camera still and capture a well lit image that could not be achieved hand held. You might say to yourself, “self, why not just use my flash?”  Ya well I get your point and your on to something, but to achieve perfect color and focus (like the image below) you would need a lot of well placed flashes and a good amount of setting up just to get close. It’s just better to use a tripod.When you press the trigger you shake the camera a little so, when you use a tripod, you also want to set the cameras self timer or use a cable release.

Don’t have a tripod? Just improvise by setting in down on a table, stack of books, wedding cake, anything you can do to hold the camera still.

Pro tip: Push up that F stop (aperture) as far as you can. The higher the # f stop you use, the better the focus. I mean very noticeable results. A long shutter will give you all the light you need, now it’s time to go overboard and get yourself one tack sharp image! Try a 30 sec shutter and f 22 or higher


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