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Most DSLR camera are sold as a kit.(“KIT”lens and body) Being able to change your lens is one cool advantage of having a more professional camera. The telephoto lens basically lets you see futher. You should look for a telephoto w/ vibration stabilization if you plan to use it handheld to reduce shake in your final image. When shooting from a tripod remember to turn off the vibration feature since the camera will stay still. If you don’t turn it off the opposite will happen and you appear to have shake again.

To let you in on some photographer  lingo, we normally use the term glass instead of lens. Also a telephoto can be commonly  called Big Gun, Big Glass, Long Lens, and Telley.

Pro Tip: The telephoto lens has a narrowing effect and can make people appear thinner than then are. The opposite is also true for short and wide angle lenses. The higher the focal length the narrower the image. Normal Lense is 50 mm and will produce an image the same as the human eye sees with no distortion.


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