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Panning is a pretty advanced technique, easy to understand but hard to master. The “trick” is to follow a moving object with your camera and snap the shot in one fluid motion. The “object” can be a person jogging, speeding car, football, arrow, falling tree, just to name a few. The general effect is to motion blur the background and keep the moving object in stopped focus. Imagine your camera is a rifle scope and you have to hit a moving target. You just want to lead a little until your target catches up to the crosshairs then slowly squeeze the shutter.I have never attempted to pan with a point and shoot. I guess if I was going to attempt it I would set my camera to portrait because the shutter is normally around 1/60 of a sec.and would give me that blur effect. You would also have to guess when to snap the shot because there is usually a significant delay on the trigger.

Manual DSLR: I used a 1/125 shutter speed. This is where practice is essential. You will need to develop a knack at judging speed. If I were to use a 1/640 of a shutter, which is quite normal for shooting sports and freezing an object, the background would also be frozen and in focus. Understand that by moving your camera with the object, that camera movement is going to be part of that equation. Using a slower shutter and keeping up with moving object will buy you the time.


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