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The need to capture images has practically worked it’s way into my DNA. I find that asking the people I’m closest to, like friends and family, to sit for practice pictures can be a little much after a while. Then are always willing to help, but they have lives to. When it’s to wet outside and you can’t find anything to shoot, try turning the camera on yourself. The self portrait is a respected art form in the photography world and painters even produced them long before film.

If you like taking peoples portraits, then the self portrait should be a HUGE part of your work flow. The knowledge you get from sitting and editing photos of yourself will make you a way stronger portrait artist. Experiment with different lighting and poses.
I took this self portrait when I first got my Nikon. I think it represents past, present, and future.

Pro Portrait Artist Tip:  Buy what You Sell. Be the model or “sit” for other photographers. You can normally work a deal so this won’t cost you much.


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